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Ensure the success of your organization's Lean transformation

lean success depends on culture and leadership transformation

What keeps you up at night?


Are you fighting through your implementation? Have you been stuck on the Start-Stop Lean Merry-Go-Round?


Have you had some success with improvement and then watched the progress slip away as time goes on and focus shifts?


Have you implemented tools and held events but know that continuous improvement is still an event and not a culture?

Lean tools alone won’t cut it. The success of a Lean implementation and transformation requires a change in culture. You need to do more than just create value stream maps and hold Kaizen events. You need to transform your leadership and organization so that Lean is a part of your culture, and not just a set of tools that you use.

At Process + Results Leadership Coaching, we help organizations uncover and connect the missing link that makes improvement work easier and generates sustainable results: 

Lean Leadership Transformation. 

Together, we develop leaders who deliver results.

Our engagements include development combined with implementation support coaching.

Lean Leadership Training Plus

Select the training model that works best for your organization:


On-Site Comprehensive Training in 1-3 Day Sessions


Virtual Training in Small, Weekly Segments with Ongoing Implementation Exercises


Combined On-Site Training Segments Supplemented with Ongoing Virtual Training and Implementation Support

Lean Leadership Mentoring

All engagements include virtual and/or on-site mentoring, which is available as:


Executive Mentoring


One-on-One Mentoring


Organizational Leadership Group Mentoring


Public Offering Group Mentoring with leaders from other organizations

On-Site Implementation Support

Enhance your organization’s application of Process + Results Leadership skills and competencies applied to specific Lean process tools with on-site implementation support.


Observation & Coaching


Impact Listening Session Facilitation


Skill Practice and System Implementation Support

In addition to comprehensive training, coaching, and support engagements, we serve organizations with speaking and workshop facilitation.

"Jamie is, without question, one of the most passionate lean thinkers I have ever encountered. Her drive, ambition, and never quit attitude is a true inspiration."

Ron Pereira
Co-Founder and Partner, Gemba Academy

"Before I worked with Jamie, I thought my skillset was perfect for my role, but I was having a hard time achieving my desired results. Jamie was able to help me recognize my opportunities and put together a plan to turn those opportunities into strengths. As a result of Jamie’s coaching, I have become a much better leader to my team, as well as a better man for my family."


Senior Manager, Manufacturing

"Jamie helped me bring a whole new perspective on my leadership that I had never considered before. After being a manger for 30 years, she showed me I still had things to learn. With Jamie’s coaching I have become the most effective leader I have ever been."


Senior Manager, Operations and Support

"Jamie understands Lean and leadership. Her teaching and coaching reaches both your head and your heart, inspiring you to take action."


Research and Development Manager

"Jamie doesn’t look at L&D as supplemental to the journey but as integral to eliminating waste, driving innovation and continuous improvement.  Her collaborative approach supports sustained processes and engagement all the way to the frontline employee.  The journey becomes the responsibility of everyone, and as a result she is able to create success for teams where success lagged before. If you are looking to make Lean a requirement of your organization, I would suggest looking elsewhere.  If you are looking to create a culture where Lean is integrated into everything you do; a culture where employees are working to continuously improve even when no one is looking then Jamie Parker is the fit for your organization."


Senior Manager, Learning and Development

Meet the Founder

Jamie V. Parker

Jamie is on a mission to make to the world or work more human so that the world becomes a more caring place. As a trainer, coach, speaker, and business partner, she helps leaders leave a legacy – in their business, for their customers, and in the lives of the people they serve.

With 15 years’ experience in operations leadership across retail, service, and manufacturing environments, Jamie brings a passion for helping leaders break the habits of traditional management approaches to create environments primed for employee fulfillment. Jamie is the author of Chapter 6 in the book Practicing Lean and is a regular speaker and workshop facilitator at Lean conferences and training events, including the Association for Manufacturing Excellence and American Society for Quality. She brings an open, honest, vulnerable, and engaging approach to Lean leadership development.

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