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Leadership development for lean-thinking operations management teams.

Jamie V. Parker Leadership Development and Lean Integration Consultant

You’ve tried to help your
managers lead more effectively.

And you’ve tried to incorporate Lean thinking into your
organization or team. But something’s not working.

Live Lean leadership training in-person and virtual

Sound Familar?


People are resistant and prefer doing
things “the old way.”


“We’re too busy!” they exclaim. Lean feels like an extra “chore” rather than a new and better way of working.


Your KPIs like safety, quality, delivery and cost are not improving at the level you want, even though you’ve tried really hard to get results.


Changes just aren’t “sticking.” Maybe you even hired a consultant and got results from workflow changes, but that hasn’t translated to ongoing improvement initiated by your team.

What you’ve already tried…
hasn’t worked. Now what?

It’s time to integrate Lean seamlessly into your organization so you can get the ROI you want.

And, it’s time to train your leaders so they understand how to actually lead and bring out the best in others.

I Can Help.

I specialize in leadership development and Lean integration.

Typically I work with Operations Managers, Mid-level Managers, and Executives who are already practicing Lean, but it’s not going so great.

My core belief is everyone deserves to feel valued at work, and you accomplish this while still achieving excellent KPI performance and without being “a softy.”

Schedule a call. We’ll speak for 30 minutes.

There’s no charge for this call and no high-pressure sales pitch.

This is simply a chance to talk about what you’re noticing in your organization, what’s working, what’s not, and how I may be able to help.

After our call, I’ll put together a plan based on your goals and budget, and we’ll fine tune it together.

What you’ll gain from
working with me


Make leaders more effective. No more “command and control” management style.


Inspire team members to practice improvement consistently and see more of the behaviors you want.


Less arguing, fewer power struggles, more respect and rapport between team members, and between teams and leaders.


Team members who geniunely enjoy coming to work, and tell their friends, “this is a great company. I’d highly recommend working here.”


Shift from understanding Lean to actually implementing.


Insights into how to integrate Lean during
unusually stressful and uncertain times, like the COVID-19 pandemic.


ROI from your Lean investment through Lean leadership training & integration in the everyday.

Teaching team members to practice improvement consistently

Start moving your leaders from status quo to inspiring, engaging, and effective Lean leadership
with 3 simple steps:

Schedule a Call

We’ll hop on the phone to discuss your vision, current situation and obstacles.

Review your customized plan

I’ll put together a draft plan and we’ll fine tune it together.

Develop Your Leaders Together

Using the right combination of in-person and/or virtual support, we’ll work the plan together to get the results you want.

I work with organizations both onsite and virtually.

Jamie conducts effective lean leadership training for ops leaders


Engaging, effective and actionable Lean leadership training for your ops leaders.

Jamie shows Lean application and integration into everyday leadership


Beyond the classroom to real application and integration into everyday leadership.

Consult Jamie about lean leadership training, strategic development, implementation, and more


Strategic development and implementation mapping, guidance and mentorship.

Jamie Parker - Recovering Command and Control Manager

Hi, I’m Jamie

I am a Recovering Command-and-Control Manager.

I “grew up” in operations and understand the pressure that op executives and managers face.  We’re expected to hit our numbers. Not down the road – but NOW. We’re expected to keep moving the goal line, so that it feels like our results are never “good enough.” And we’re expected to do it all with fewer people and older machines than we would like to have.

For almost a decade, I didn’t know how to meet those expectations while also leading with respect and care.

Practicing Lean is what sparked my leadership transformation.

But at first, I made the same mistakes most of us do – doubling down on the tools and systems without making real adjustments to how I and my team of 19 plant managers showed up as leaders.

Until I realized that our everyday leadership interactions were the biggest obstacles to building an improvement culture and making value creation “just the way we worked”.

We trained on Lean tools, but didn’t do Lean leadership training or development.

Now, I help operations management teams multiply the impact of their improvement efforts by transforming from managing compliance to inspiring commitment and action.

Reviews & Victories from Recent Clients

“Jamie has become an integral part of our team and a trusted advisor for me. She is strategic in sequencing leadership development content mixed in with tactical management and continuous improvement training, and I can see a direct impact in how our leaders engage their teams and lead their lines through her work with them.”

Dave, COO

“If you’re looking to create a culture where Lean is integrated into everything you do; a culture where employees are working to continuously improve even when no one is looking – then Jamie Parker is the fit for your organization.”

Bobby, Senior Manager of Learning and Development

“Working with Jamie helped me become a better leader. I realized I was creating unnecessary bottlenecks by trying to solve every problem myself. Now I encourage my team members to solve problems themselves using Lean methodologies. We’ve achieved quick and lasting improvements in our quality and cost metrics.”

Brian, Plant Manager

“Working with Jamie changed both how I solve problems myself and, more importantly, how I help my team solve them without me.  This focus on how to ask coaching questions was energizing and life changing.”

David, Associate Manager of Continuous Improvement

“Within a few weeks of working with Jamie, the mechanics on my team stopped arguing. I noticed a big shift. Jamie really helped us to go from talking about improvement to owning it and practicing it.”

Eric, Safety & Maintenance Manager

“Within a week of Jamie’s first leadership training, Graciela’s team doubled their output on a kitting operation using the strategies learned. What really struck me is that Graciela was the last person I expected to be interested in process improvement. I was impressed with Jamie’s ability to connect with senior managers and frontline supervisors alike, and most importantly, to drive action and lasting results.”

Blake, VP, Operations

You can have it all: strong KPI Performance, highly effective teams, engagement, continuous improvement, and respect for people.

You don’t have to pick and choose.

Let’s talk about how to get the everybody, everywhere, everyday results that you want to see!