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Improve your results.

Empower your team.

Boost problem solving.

Maybe you’ve tried to incorporate Lean into your organization, but . . .


People are resistant and keep going back to “the old way”.


Team members or managers complain that they’re already way too busy, and now you want to add “this Lean stuff” onto their plate too? Lean feels like an extra “chore” rather than a new and better way of working.


Your KPIs like safety, quality, delivery and cost are not improving at the level you want, even though you’ve tried really hard to make Lean work.


Changes aren’t “sticking”. Maybe you even hired a Lean consultant and got results from workflow changes, but that hasn’t translated to ongoing improvement initiated by your team.

You know Lean is the way, but you also know . . . 


Low team member engagement cuts your likelihood of success in half


 67% of American workers are not engaged at work


Management accounts for over 70% of the variance in engagement scores

To build a lean Culture, you must develop your leaders.

Start Moving Your Leaders from Status Quo to Inspiring, Engaging, and Effective

Lean Leaders with 3 Simple Steps:



We’ll hop on the phone for a Listening Session to understand your vision, current state, and obstacles. 

2. Review Your Customized Plan

I’ll put together a customized draft plan including onsite and/or virtual training and implementation support options, and we’ll fine-tune it together.


3. Develop Your Leaders Together

Using the right combination of in-person and/or virtual support, we’ll work the plan together to improve your results, engage your team, and boost problem solving.

Are you a leader or practitioner looking for individual support? Check out these Lean leadership training solutions designed for you.

Let’s work together to develop the leaders that your org -and your team members- deserve:

When Leaders Connect Purpose and Values to Team Members' Everyday

Leaders Who foster purposeful alignment

Team Member Sharing Improvement in Huddle

Leaders Who spark improvement behaviors

Leaders Who inspire commitment & action

Leaders Who develop problem solvers

"Jamie is, without question, one of the most passionate lean thinkers I have ever encountered. Her drive, ambition, and never quit attitude are a true inspiration."

Ron Pereira
Co-Founder and Partner, Gemba Academy

"After being a manger for 30 years, Jamie showed me I still had things to learn. With her mentoring, I have become the most effective leader I have ever been."


Senior Manager, Operations and Support

"Jamie understands Lean and leadership. Her teaching and coaching reaches both your head and your heart, inspiring you to take action."


Research and Development Manager

"If you are looking to create a culture where Lean is integrated into everything you do; a culture where employees are working to continuously improve even when no one is looking - then Jamie Parker is the fit for your organization."


Senior Manager, Learning and Development

Meet the Founder

Jamie V. Parker

Jamie V. Parker helps organizations build Lean culture through everyday leadership. With 17 years of multi-unit operations management, Jamie specializes in working with Operations leadership teams who’ve had some targeted success with Lean, but haven’t yet built the everybody-everywhere-everday improvement culture they crave.

Through strategic planning, training, mentoring, and implementation support, Jamie helps operations leaders spark improvement behaviors, generate engagement and commitment, and develop problem solvers – while still getting their day job done.

Jamie LOVES a great murder mystery and has honed her knack for helping operations leaders connect the dots of beliefs, behaviors, and systems – just like her favorite crime show detectives and their red-string murder boards.

Don't let the daily grind or the business-as-usual leadership gap stop you from building the Lean culture you know your team deserves.


Get the training, coaching, and support you need to ensure the success and sustainability of your Lean transformation. Just click the button below, fill out the form, and Jamie will be in touch within 24 hours.