Lean Leadership For Ops Managers

Culture Meets Profit with Matthew Nix | 034

Culture Meets Profit with Matthew Nix | 034

How do you develop a people-centric culture, while also sustaining your improvement efforts and growing the business? Matthew Nix shares how he successfully developed a close-knit culture among his team members while also driving significant revenue growth. You’ll discover how he sees culture not just as a nice-to-have, but as a lifeline for the inevitable challenges that arise.

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Lean Leadership for Ops Managers is a podcast for leaders in Ops Management who’ve had some targeted success with Lean, but haven’t yet built the everybody-everywhere-everyday improvement culture they crave.

If you wish the team could focus on proactive, systematic problem solving, but instead your team keeps coming to you for all the answers . . .

If you want to use Respect for People and People-Centric Leadership, but feel more pressure to get the work out and hit your numbers . . .

If you’ve read books and attended workshops about Lean, but can’t quite achieve the team member engagement and sustained improvement you want . . .

This is the podcast for you. In each episode, former Fortune 100 Ops Executive and Lean Enthusiast Jamie V. Parker will teach you how to engage your team, develop a Lean culture, and still get your day job done.

You can have Respect for People AND Continuous Improvement AND High Performance. You don’t have to choose.