Process + Results Leadership Coaching

Making the World of Work More Human

We value…

accessibility, community, employee fulfillment in the everyday, growth, innovation, laughter, and especially failing forward.

We believe…

when leaders believe in, listen to, and empower employees, those team members feel fulfilled and go home to be better spouses, parents, and neighbors in their communities. That this burden – and ensuing joy – rests on the shoulders of leaders.

We believe…

Process + Results Leadership is the multiplier to the value-creation impact of Lean processes and systems. That this multiplier can be expanded in organizations of all Lean maturity levels for continuous improvement.

We are committed to…

helping organizations create more customer value and achieve results by teaching, coaching, and supporting leaders with compassion, trust, honesty, vulnerability, and accountability.

Jamie V. Parker

Jamie is on a mission to make to the world or work more human so that the world becomes a more caring place. As a trainer, coach, speaker, and business partner, she helps leaders leave a legacy – in their business, for their customers, and in the lives of the people they serve.

With 15 years’ experience in operations leadership across retail, service, and manufacturing environments, Jamie brings a passion for helping leaders break the habits of traditional management approaches to create environments primed for employee fulfillment. Jamie is the author of Chapter 6 in the book Practicing Lean and is a regular speaker and workshop facilitator at Lean conferences and training events, including the Association for Manufacturing Excellence and American Society for Quality. She brings an open, honest, vulnerable, and engaging approach to Lean leadership development.

Jamie is an inspirational Lean leader. Her gift is developing leaders and teams to overcome challenges and perform at higher levels than they thought possible.
Steve Kane

Director of Customer Success, Gemba Academy