Most Popular Lean Leadership for Ops Managers Podcast Episodes in 2020

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Thank you for joining me on the first four months of my podcasting journey. Whether you were looking for a podcast on Lean or Leadership or Ops Management, I hope you’ve found helpful prompts in our episodes this year.


Six Most Popular 2020 Episodes of Lean Leadership for Ops Managers Podcast


Episode 15 Coverart - Improving Daily Meetings - Stephanie Hill - Jamie V. Parker - Meredith Fisher - The Lean Leadership for Ops Managers PodcastImproving Daily Meetings with Stephanie Hill and Meredith Fisher | 015

Many organizations use daily huddles as the core routine that brings the daily management system together. But let’s be real – building engaging, effective, daily huddles that serve the greater purpose can be challenging to achieve. In this episode, Stephanie Hill and Meredith Fisher share their learnings and experiences on how to improve daily meetings.


The Problem with Recognition - Podcast - Lean Leadership for Ops ManagersThe Problem with Recognition | 005

Every team member wants to be recognized for their contributions. But have you ever stopped to think about how your “Good job, bud!” could actually be negatively affecting the team? Let’s talk about the problem with recognition, common mistakes, and a more effective technique.


Episode 13 - What is Lean Leadership - Coverart WP - Lean Leadership for Ops ManagersWhat is Lean Leadership? | 013

What is Lean Leadership? It’s kind of an elusive, not really defined thing. I mean, we use the term and put people through Lean leadership training . . . but what is it. I’ll share what Lean means to me and then share my 3-part definition of leadership. These three pieces help me stay grounded and actually drive how I engage leaders in their development.


Episode 012 - Your Lean Management Foundation with Ron Pereira - Coverart WP - Lean Leadership for Ops Managers PodcastYour Lean Management Foundation with Ron Pereira | 012

Join me for a special conversation with Ron Pereira, co-founder of Gemba Academy. We both get pumped up as Ron shares his advice for Ops Managers on building your Lean management foundation. You’ll learn about four routines that work together systematically to help you change the way you’re managing your operations so that you and your team can make work easier, better, and faster.


Episode 14 Cover Art - 5 leadership interactions - Don't Succumb to Command and Control - of the Lean Leadership for Ops Managers PodcastDon’t Succumb to Command & Control | 014

Today we’ll dive deeper into The 5 Leadership Interactions that collectively build your relationships with team members. When we create awareness of our interactions, then we can better understand our current state and then purposefully choose how we want to interact with team members.


Why is Lean So Hard | 002

Ever implemented a Lean system or tool but didn’t achieve the adoption, execution, and impact you were expecting? Maybe things were great at the beginning, but over time execution waned and the system wasn’t used effectively and consistently? Frustrating, right!


You can always find new episodes as they’re released each Wednesday at our Podcast Page.


What Lean Leadership Topics are Ops Managers Interested In?

How did I pick the Top Six? It’s not quite as simple as looking at a chart. If I take total downloads of all time, then earlier episodes have an advantage. If I use a time constraint like first 7 days or first 30 days after an episode releases, then the newer episodes have an advantage because overall exposure for the podcast has grown since it launched in August.

So, I looked at it both ways to identify the six episodes that were the most popular. And of course, popularity doesn’t necessarily mean best. There are a lot of variables that impact the number of downloads: effectiveness of the title, how appealing the cover art is, how often it was shared on social media, how well the social media or email copy resonated with listeners and lots more!

Ready to shape the podcast for 2021? Share with me what Lean Leadership topics are you interested in. You can let me know now or Save This Link for later.

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