Stop Struggling Through the Ups and Downs of
Trying to Implement Lean Tools and Instead. . . .

Build a Lasting Lean Culture

You Get Lean: Respect for People. Continuous Improvement.
Engage Employees. Make it Visual. Reduce Waste.

Easy-Peasy, Right? Not so Fast.

As a manager or Lean practitoner, you know how Lean processes can improve safety, quality, and profitability.
You know you want to capitalize on this value in your business. You want an ROI. 

You’ve worked with your team to reduce process waste or implement workflow systems or visual management.

You’ve had some success that you’re proud of!

But it seems like you have to muscle through too much.
You haven’t quite been able to achieve the culture you want,
or the sustainability you want,
or the employee innovation and problem solving you want.

You know there is still a piece missing –
that critical link that makes this work easier
and generates sustainable results for the organization.

Have you been stuck on the Start-Stop-Start-Stop Lean Merry-Go-Round and end up fighting through implementation - just trying to break through the resistance?

Have you had good success with improvement and then watched the progress slip away as time goes on and focus wanes?
Have you had success with improvement events or tools but know that continuous improvement is still an event and not a culture?

You’re Not Alone!

What if there's a more effective way . . .

What if there's a way you could reduce tension, increase collaboration, and ignite employee engagement across the entire team, so they're the driving force behind improvement?
What if there's a way you could lead the team to make improvement and daily management systems actually stick – and know you have the leadership systems in place to prevent back-sliding?
What if there's a way you could use your leadership behaviors to make continuous improvement part of the culture and just the way the team works day-in and day-out . . .  delivering results along the way? 

There is!

To move beyond the struggles and ups and downs of tool implementation and
to a consistent culture of continuous improvement,
it's all about three things:

  Leadership Beliefs
Leadership Behaviors
Leadership Systems


Hi, I'm Jamie

I began practicing Lean the same way most of you did. . . with the Lean tools. We were having some success, but the work was hard. It felt like we were muscling through process improvement, and if we took our eyes of the ball – it was going to slip away. We just kept struggling to get consistent execution of all those Lean tools.  What I learned - is that we had a leadership gap.

I made it my mission to figure out how to bridge that gap. I spent years studying, experimenting, learning, and adjusting. I learned that we had to enhance our Beliefs, our Behaviors, and our Systems. And when we did that,

* Team interpersonal conflict dissipated.
* Focus happened. Execution happened.
* Employees started to step out front and lead each other in alignment with continuous improvement.
* Huddles and visual controls and Lean systems started to actually stick – without relying on pure management elbow grease.

And it was repeatable!  I coached other leaders to move from overwhelm, stress, and inconsistent results to passion, joy, and continuous improvement – all by following the same process of upgrading our beliefs, behaviors, and systems.
Introducing . . .

Build a Lasting Lean Culture
Leadership Development Program
Build a Lasting Lean Culture is an 11-week program for managers and practitioners that are ready to move beyond just the Lean Tools and finally achieve a culture of continuous improvement and sustainable results that leave a legacy - for your organization, your customers, and your team members.

This program is designed to teach you the nine levers you need to pull to make continuous improvement just who you are and how you work everyday - as a leader, as a team, and as an organization.

Not only will you learn the nine levers, you'll implement specific steps based on your organizational needs - so you can start getting results and moving forward right away.

In Build a Lasting Lean Culture, you will upgrade your leadership beliefs, behaviors, and systems by learning and implementing these 9 Levers:

1: Create Clarity
You’ll get crystal clear on the culture you envision for your team while also learning how to translate that vision into clear behaviors that can be shared and observed. 
2: Respect People
You’ll finally understand why your team members do what they do – and how you can make shifts to true Respect for People to get better responses from your team.
3: Build Mutual Trust
You’ll learn the formula for building mutual trust and practice communicating with your team in a way that is proven to create greater alignment and commitment to your goals.
4: Generate Commitment
Business is personal. So to generate greater commitment, you have to create connection. You’ll learn and practice the 5 Points of Impact Listening that drive both connection and commitment. 
5: Teach the Team
You’ll discover the most effective ways to teach Lean concepts and tools to everyone in your organization, including frontline team members, so the team is moving together to solve problems and continuously improve.
6: Transition to Coach 
You’ll learn and practice the art of asking good coaching questions to improve the problem solving skill of everyone on your team, enabling the team to solve more problems to create more value.
7: Improve Your Leadership
You’ll learn a simple, repeatable 4-step process to connect the dots between beliefs, behaviors, and business impact that will enable you to finally lead with authenticity and consistency that generates better results. And you'll use the same process to improve your leadership - systematically.
8: Drive Gemba Application
You’ll develop and execute practice activities that take Lean learning beyond the classroom and to application at the Gemba, so your team generates short game wins that create a cycle of continued application, practice, and adjustment. You'll drive application and results - systematically.
9: Execute Consistently
Leader Standard Work is often an elusive practice. You'll learn how to make it work for you to improve your time management and task management to follow-through on commitments and get more of the right stuff done. You'll execute consistently - and systematically.
You've read books, attended conferences, and taken training classes on Lean and leadership. So have I! And they're great - but there's something missing that prevents us from taking those learning opportunities and turning them into lasting change. It's the follow-up, ongoing support, and connection in community!

In Build a Lasting Lean Culture, you will get small bits of training (think Just In Time) combined with practice application activities, and then coaching support along the way. We build in two implementation weeks to give you the flexibility you need to maintain all of those other job responsibilities. And we create community - so you can connect to others working through the same challenges using the same systematic process. Never be left to execute alone again!

This program is like taking the awesomeness of a 3-day Lean Leadership conference and breaking it up into realistic chunks over a longer period, with support along the way so you won't be left behind. And it's even better! Because instead of attending a bunch of one-off presentations and trying to fit the pieces together, you'll be walking through a comprehensive system - where all 9 levers work together!
Your virtual program includes. . .
BONUS #1 – BONUS TRAINING – Ease the Pain of Change

Let's get real. The truth is that Lean culture transformations involve a TON of change. And people don't like change - resistance is a natural, human reaction.

The problem is that left alone, these natural, human reactions to change hold us back.

This BONUS Training will help you break the chains of change resistance by purposefully leading through change - in a way that helps team members not just deal with change, but embrace change. Move faster. Create sustainability. Leave a legacy.


You Will Discover:

* One common change management teaching that's flat-out wrong (and what to do instead)
* The psychology of change and how it relates to Continuous Improvement and Respect for People
* The one most important factor to transform to a lasting Lean culture
* 8 Practical Steps to follow for every change - that not just impacts the current change, but creates a more change-supportive culture in the long run, too

BONUS #2 – Leading Through Process in a Results-Only Organization
You Will Receive
It's a common complaint: "I'm all-in with Lean, but my company (or executive) just doesn't get it."

In this BONUS Download, learn tips that will help you influence others to give you the space you need to pursue Lean leadership and Lean business transformation without ending up on the "bad" list.

Find out some key tips to help you lead with Lean - even in an organization that doesn't fully practice the tenets of Respect for People and Continuous Improvement.
Fast-Action BONUS:
One-on-One Quick Start Session
+ One-on-One Implementation Session (Limited to First 20 that Enroll)
You Will Receive

Virtual One-on-One Quick Start Session with Head Coach Jamie Parker
* At the beginning of the program, we map out how to have the most impact based on where you are today, so you can get results quickly.

Virtual One-on-One Implementation Session with Head Coach Jamie Parker
* We take everything you've learned in the program and create your custom Lean Culture Game Plan so you can implement for long-term success and sustainability.


Are you ready to become the Lean Leader you know you want to be?

 Then You're Ready For

Build a Lasting Lean Culture
Virtual Leadership Development Program

Enrollment Options
Full 11-Week Program
(or 4 payments of $297)
  • * 9 Live, Interactive Virtual Workshops
  • * 10 Live Group Coaching and Q&A Sessions with Head Coach Jamie Parker
  • * Practice Exercises to Move You from Learning to Implementation
  • * Private Online Coaching Community to Get Support from a Community of Leaders and Practitioners
Customized Solution

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  • Do you want the program customized for your organization?
  • Do you want to add on-site training and coaching with your leadership team?
Our Guarantee

We are in the business of developing leaders who deliver results. If for any reason you are doing the work, but aren't thrilled with the content and the impact it can have on your business, we will refund your tuition 100% within the first 30 days.

No hoops. Just send us an email.

“Jamie is an inspirational Lean leader. Her gift is developing leaders and teams to overcome challenges and perform at higher levels than they thought possible.” 
- Steve, Director of Customer Success, Gemba Academy

“Jamie played a key role in my growth as a leader by showing me a different way to lead my team. By focusing on the process and results, instead of just the results, I learned to reflect on my own behaviors and improve how I engage my people to bring out the best in them. Thanks to this approach, I have become more adept at balancing the human side of leadership with the reality of operational business needs, achieving positive results in both.” 
- Alec, Process Improvement Manager

“Jamie is, without question, one of the most passionate Lean thinkers I’ve ever encountered. Her drive, ambition, and never-quit attitude is a true inspiration.” 
- Ron, Co-Founder and Partner, Gemba Academy

“Jamie brings a wealth of real-world experience into her training with impactful and inspiring approaches that deliver lasting results.” 
- Jonathan, VP, Business Process & Improvement

"Jamie played a critical role in helping us develop leaders throughout our organization who not just understood the technical aspects of Lean, but led a cultural transformation that showed up in our business results and in the fulfillment levels and personal lives of our team members." 
- Gregory, VP, Manufacturing Operations

“Before I worked with Jamie, I thought my skillset was perfect for my role, but I was having a hard time achieving my desired results. Jamie was able to help me recognize my opportunities and put together a plan to improve those opportunities while capitalizing on my strengths. As a result of Jamie’s coaching, I have become a much better leader to my team, as well as a better man for my family.” 
- Vincent, Senior Manager, Manufacturing

“Jamie has helped me completely transform the way I view my role as a leader, and her influence has reached well beyond my work hours. I’ve developed from an overbearing boss pushing a frustrated team for immediate results – to a leader who values, empowers, and guides others with care and sustainable processesThis journey has been the most challenging, fulfilling and productive time of my life, and I am a better leader, husband, and father as a result!” 
- Christopher, Senior Plant Manager

What makes Build a Lasting Lean Culture Different?

It's a Comprehensive System
We read books and attend workshops and then try to piece it all together - trying to figure out what to take and what to drop from each learning experience. No more! This program is a system, with each of the 9 levers working together.
Learning + Implementation - Just in Time
Rather than going to an all-day workshop or a 3-day conference and feeling overwhelmed, this program gives you small learning segments in a sequence that works. In each lever, you will get the Short Game actions to take right now, plus be able to build your Long Game Plan for those cultural change components that take time.
Built-In Coaching & Accountability
We've all done it - attended a webinar, workshop, or conference with grand plans of implementation. Then we get back to our day jobs, and the demands of the day win out. In this program, you will get live coaching on the specific obstacles you're facing so you can take action and get results.
Community Support
Leading with Lean can be a lonely endeavor. But you don't have to go-it alone. In our private online coaching community, you will build relationships and get support from others just like you. They understand your pain and your challenges. They've learned things along the way that can help you. And you can give back by supporting them as well. Community is special, and this program gives you the exact community you're looking for.
How much time will this take each week?
I get it – I know you’re busy! That's why each workshop will be limited to 90 minutes. And every session is recorded, so you can fit the training into your schedule. You will keep access to all of the recordings for a full year, so you can go at your own pace. Keep in mind, that this program is all about implementation - so to get the best results, you'll want to set aside time to practice what you learn.  
What if I can’t attend the Live Interactive Workshops or the Live Coaching and Q&A Sessions?
I know you have competing demands for your time. Every call will be recorded so you can watch at your convenience if you are unable to attend live.
Does this program include training on tactical Lean tools?
Most of this program is focused on creating a lasting Lean culture. We will work on Lean leadership systems like Gemba Walks and Leader Standard Work. But we aren't going to dig into traditional Lean tools. After asking hundreds of Lean managers and practitioners what their greatest challenges are, the overwhelming response was related to culture - not tools.

And - if you find yourself stuck with a specific Lean tool along the way, your peers in the private coaching community are there to help - or I can even pull out my rolodex and resource library to point you in the right direction.
I'm sold on Lean, but I don't see how I can stay committed to it with all of the pressure to deliver results now. Will this program still work in an organization that isn't 100% committed to Lean?
Short Answer: Yes! This is a common experience, so first know that you're not alone!  In this program, you will learn to lead from wherever you are in the organization. And I'm providing a BONUS Download specifically for people in this predicament: Leading Through Process in a Results-Only Organization
Do I have to be a Lean expert to benefit from this program?

No. This program can be customized to fit your needs – whether you are just starting out on your Lean journey or are two decades in.

Have a question that isn't answered here?
Send me an email:

“After being a manager for 30 years, Jamie showed me I still had things to learn. With Jamie’s coaching, I have become the most effective leader I have ever been.” 
- Michael, Senior Manager, Operations and Support

"Jamie understands both Lean and leadership. Her teaching and coaching reaches both your head and your heart, inspiring you to take action."
- Dan, Director of Research & Development


"I never realized how many decisions I made based on fear - fear of failure, negative consequences, or just sheer embarrassment. With Jamie's coaching, I was able to build stronger relationships with the people on my team, breaking down those fears.

I can now project a vision for my team that they can more readily grasp, and we are moving forward together in collaborative problem solving and a shared understanding of what success really looks like." 
- Robert, Senior Operations Manager


If you're ready to stop struggling with the ups and downs of your Lean implementation and instead create consistency and sustainability -

Then you're ready for
Build a Lasting Lean Culture

Your Build a Lasting Lean Culture Leadership Development Program kicks off on September 24th.

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I look forward to working with you!


Jamie V. Parker
Founder, Process + Results Leadership Coaching

Enrollment Options
Full 11-Week Program
(or 4 payments of $297)
  • * 9 Live, Interactive Virtual Workshops
  • * 10 Live Group Coaching and Q&A Sessions with Head Coach Jamie Parker
  • * Practice Exercises to Move You from Learning to Implementation
  • * Private Online Coaching Community to Get Support from a Community of Leaders 
Customized Solution

Let's Talk
  • Do you want to send a dozen of your leaders through this program?
  • Do you want the program customized for your organization?
  • Do you want to add on-site training and coaching with your leadership team?
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