The Process + Results Leadership Model is based on 3 building blocks:

Believe. Listen. Empower.

Taken together, these blocks build a collaborative leadership system that multiplies the value-creation impact of an organization’s Lean processes and systems.

Process + Results Leadership

Process + Results Leadership:

The Building Blocks of Lean Leadership Transformation

You see the potential Lean can have to help your organization stay competitive and innovate, but you know you’re just scratching the surface. The truth is that none of those Lean tools “work” without team members making the magic happen. For Lean to be effective, you need effective leadership. And leading with Lean is different than what most managers are taught or shown.

Leadership transformation doesn’t happen just because you’ve started practicing Lean in the business.
Put yourself, as a leader, into the equation of Lean and chart your own path of Lean leadership transformation.

You’ll experience:


Three building blocks to Lean leadership transformation, where you stand in each, and a plan for moving forward


The one most-missed component of transforming to a Lean-focused leadership approach that will help you lead consistently and authentically, and a framework you can follow to improve


An introduction to the Five Points of Impact Listening that will help you create connection with your team to generate more alignment and greater commitment


What is keeping your team from fully participating in your continuous improvement efforts, and your first next step to improving engagement

Jamie played a key role in my growth as a leader by showing me a different way to lead my team. By focusing on the process and results, instead of just the results, I learned to reflect on my own behaviors and improve how I engage people to bring out the best in them. Thanks to this approach, I have become more adept at balancing the human side of leadership with the reality of operational business needs, achieving positive results in both.


Process Improvement Manager


Change Your Mind, Transform Your Team:

Transition from Traditional Management to Effective Lean Leadership

Leading with Lean is different. And to make the most of your team’s Lean transformation, you have to transform as a leader too. And we’re not just talking about adding Leader Standard Work and Gemba Walks to your day. We’re talking about you – who you are and what you do as a leader. In those small day to day interactions and decision points. The kind of place where old habits tend to live and sneak back up unexpectedly.

To capitalize on all the benefits and value Lean brings to the table, leaders have to keep those old habits at bay, while replacing them with new habits aligned with Respect for People and Continuous Improvement.

You’ll experience:


Five leadership shifts to transform from traditional management to effective Lean leadership, which shift needs your greatest attention, and a plan to move forward


The foundation of human behavior and change management and how you can take simple steps to help your team adapt to the change Lean brings with it


Steps to move out of your own way so you can successfully implement and sustain Lean continuous improvement methodology with your team


Practice, repetition, and coaching on a simple, repeatable 4-step model that will help you start and sustain effective Lean leadership habits

Jamie has helped me completely transform the way I view my role as a leader, and her influence has reached well beyond my work hours. I’ve developed from an overbearing boss pushing a frustrated team for immediate results – to a leader who values, empowers, and guides others with care and sustainable processes. This journey has been the most challenging, fulfilling and productive time of my life, and I am a better leader, husband, and father as a result!


Senior Plant Manager


Listen for Impact, Connect to Improve:

Build Mutual Trust to Create Connection-Based Engagement, Collaboration, Commitment, and Action

Connection. Business and leadership are all about connecting with others. This is especially true in organizations practicing Lean, which relies on Respect for People, Continuous Improvement, frequent change, and engaging employees throughout the organization to raise and solve problems. Yet many Lean organizations find their leaders struggling to really connect with team members in a way that drives commitment and action.

It’s human nature to not just crave connection, but to reward it. Find out how to create and capitalize on connection to drive your Lean systems forward.

You’ll experience:


The success formula for building mutual trust that creates engagement, collaboration, and aligned action forward


The details of the Five points of Impact Listening that will help you create connection with your team to generate more alignment and greater commitment


The awesome significance of using derivative responses to help the team not just feel heard, but leads the team to take ownership over problem-solving and team collaboration

Learning and practicing the Five Points of Impact Listening that Jamie taught us improved my ability to lead cross-functional teams for continuous improvement. It’s also helped create more self-accountability on the teams I work with, so I don’t end up having to solve everyone’s problems for them.


Senior Project Manager


Solve More Problems, Create More Value:

Create a Team of Frontline Problem-Solvers to Accelerate Your Continuous Improvement Culture

In Lean communities, we hear a lot of talk about engaging team members throughout the organization to get them involved in problem raising and problem solving. Yet so many practitioners, managers, and executives also talk about the struggles their organizations face in translating that talk to reality.

More people solving problems means more value creation for customers.

You’ll experience:


What’s standing in the way of full employee engagement in continuous improvement and the steps to take to move the obstacles out of the way


The 5Cs to creating and sustaining a continuous improvement culture and a step-by-step plan to make it happen


How to move beyond Lean and problem-solving training to actual application in the everyday


How to ask “good” questions that move you from jumping in to be the problem-solver and instead to serve as an effective coach developing a team of problem-solvers

I never realized how many decisions I made based on fear — fear of failure, negative consequences, or just sheer embarrassment. With Jamie’s coaching, I was able to build stronger relationships with the people on my team.  I can now project a vision for my team that they can more readily grasp, and we can move forward together in collaborative problem-solving and a shared understanding of what success really looks like.


Senior Operations Manager

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