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Today is my 40th birthday! How fitting that I get to be super generous and give you some new Lean Leadership Training Opportunities on my birthday. Scroll down to get the links. They’re completely FREE!

It’s amazing how those milestone celebrations tend to bring about reflection. This year has been a year of discovery for me. As I’ve worked with clients and spoken at conferences, I’ve gained clarity on purpose.

I’ve learned there are two groups of people that have a special place in my heart.

Mid-Level Operations Managers. You are truly amazing. You have the biggest impact on the culture and results of your organization. Yet often organizations invest the least in helping you build your leadership skills. So you spend your own money, time, and energy on your own development.

On Your Own Island Individual or Small-Team Continuous Improvement Practitioners. You are so passionate. Your giving heart inspires me. Yet you’re often stuck as folks expect that you do all the improvement work yourself. With almost no resources. And without a commitment to engaging everyone throughout the organization. So you’re left having to learn how to teach, coach, and influence others.

I applaud you both!

And I want to help.

I’ve put together three new FREE Lean Leadership Development trainings with you in mind.

Lean Leadership Training Webinar: Move from Managing Compliance to Inspiring Commitment

In this 30-minute training, you’ll learn the 5 Hats that leaders wear and specific leadership behaviors within each hat that will help you build connection and commitment along your Lean journey. REGISTER HERE.


Lean Leadership Training Mini-Course: The Art of Asking Good Coaching Questions

There’s about 2 hours of training content broken into smaller modules, and you’ll get on-demand access to all of them. This mini-course will walk you through the exact anatomy of a good coaching question and help you make adjustments to the questions you ask so you can develop the problem-solving capabilities of your team.  . . . and stop being the primary problem solver. REGISTER HERE.


Lean Leadership Training Mini-Course: How to Ease the Pain of Change

With about 2 hours of training content and a downloadable planning workbook, you’ll learn both the psychology of change as well as 8 specific steps you can take to purposefully lead through each change. By practicing this model, you will change your culture and help your team become more adaptable to change. REGISTER HERE.


I hope you find these free Lean Leadership training resources helpful!

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